By Nathan Axmaker and Richard Clayton


  1. How do you feel about trumps travel ban?
  2. How do you feel about the huge deportation of illegal immigrants that trump has promised to do and is doing currently?
  3. How do you feel about trump removing oregon’s and california’s safe water laws?

Sofia Bourse

  1. “I think it’s stupid because the countries he didn’t ban are more likely to be actual threats and the ones he did aren’t actual threats”
  2. “I think it’s wrong because people are being taken away from their families and kids are losing their parents”
  3. “That’s really messed up we are already destroying our earth i don’t think we should do it more we only have one”

Sofia Bourse-Schmidt, a Sophomore at NEHS

Shell Rivera

  1. “I feel the same way as I did for the first one, he’s not banning countries that are actual threats and he’s banning ones that are yeah he removed one of the list and made it not complete crap but he’s still making big mistakes”
  2. “Genuinely F*#%ing terrified like WoooHooo he kept his promise but like it’s really f*^%&ed”
  3. “That’s a genuine concern I have I live in f&*^ing oregon that’s gonna be very disastrous”

Shell Rivera, a Sophomore at NEHS

Hunter Shultz

  1. “I feel there are two sides, a good reason to the ban is it forces the people that don’t have green cards to get them”
  2. “I think it’s a good idea because people need to get green cards before coming here”
  3. “I think dumping coal mine debris in water is kind of dumb”

Hunter Shultz, a Sophomore at NEHS