By Kyle Morales

Nintendo’s new console, Nintendo Switch, released on March third 2017 that includes features like making it stationary to keep it in your living room or making it portable to take it wherever you go.

When in stationary mode the Nintendo Switch dock connects to your tv for a larger display and the controller buttons for Joy Con combine with the grip to create a classic controller. When in mobile mode the Joy Con separates from the grip and can either be used alone, similar to the Wii controllers, or can slide into the sides of the Nintendo Switch to be able to take your game anywhere.

Nintendo has been popular ever since their initial release in 1985 with the Nintendo Entertainment System as well as the booming success of the game that helped the company become what it is today, Super Mario Bros. The first handheld device Nintendo created, Game Boy, was released in 1990. In 2006 a new way of playing video games was created, with the Wii console, by using the sensor on the controller to swing your tennis racket, punch your boxing opponent, or swerve your way into the finish line with Mario Kart. Throughout the years in between each console there of course have been more newer and better handheld systems released.

With this new device you will be able to play single player or play with friends, be able to separate the device for a different play style, take it on the go or stay home, as well as being able to play new games specifically for this console and popular games from other consoles.