by Anthony Barreras and Brian Bernal


  1. What is your reaction about the UO trustees approving the tuition increasing?
  2. Do you want to go to college if so what college are you going and if not why not?
  3. Why do you think they raised the tuition?

  1. Olivia Patino“Upsetting, Mad, Disappointed”
  2. “Yes I do, it’s a college in Arizona”
  3. “I think it’s way for them to get more money”

Olivia Patino, a Sophomore at NEHS


  1. Nicole Tusek“Upsetting, a bad thing because it’s already high”
  2. “Yes, Oregon state”
  3. “Because they are dingos and they want more money”

Nicole Tusek, a Sophomore at NEHS



Mandalay Pruitt

  1. “Upsetting, more doubt for college means less people going to college”
  2. “Not going to college, because I don’t want to go to school anymore”
  3. “Probably going to sports and their gear and to get more money”

Mandalay Pruitt, a Sophomore at NEHS