By Kyle Morales

  1. Do you think Obama wiretapped Trump during the election? Why or why not?
  2. What could Obama gain from doing this?
  3.  After the director of the FBI said that they didn’t wiretap, Trump keeps his belief that they did. Why do you think Trump continues to say that Obama wiretapped him?


  1. “No, because Obama’s done being president and there’s no point for him to do this.”
  2. “The truth about Trump and what he’s up to.”
  3. “Trump says this to cause drama and to distract people, as well as to make himself look good and make Obama look bad.”

Ryan Chadwick



  1.  “Obama has better things to do.”
  2. “He couldn’t gain anything from this.”
  3. “Trump said this because he thinks people will believe whatever he says.”

Oliviah Moriguchi


  1.  “No”
  2. “He could gain knowledge of what Trump is up to.”
  3. “Trump is against Obama and trying to make himself look better.”

Marten Mendez