Mo Love t-shirts was made and founded by Maurice “Mo” Ross in Eugene Oregon. It started as his friends, and his nieces and nephews making cool designs, and and prints. His idea started when he felt bad and upset with all of the racism, sexism, and hate that was going on in the world. He decided to try to help in hopes to have hatred be stopped completely. He began by making and writing up cool designs for his t-shirts and started printing them. He has decided to put the profits into making more t-shirts and helping those in need. “Our products and activities represent the human inter connectivity and are fabricated to tie the communities and the world together.” Mo Ross.Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 12.59.43 PM

Maurice has been passionate about making the world better place, and making a place where everybody loves each other. Maurice has traveled all over the world helping people and sharing his shirts to those less fortunate. He went on vacation to Switzerland and met his current wife Kate, they were married and now have one son named Itano. They all lived together in Switzerland for a couple years then moved to Oregon where they now live. He still works on his t-shirts and sells them. He has multiple designs, and sizes, there are even items like pants sweatshirts, hats, for purchase. Over the last couple of years his business has spread from Oregon to Switzerland, and is still growing. Mo, is very happy that the small business that he started is becoming bigger and more popular. He is happy that he is able to help people all over the world and in his own community. He hopes that his shirts will stay Eco-friendly and continue to help people all over the world.