By Jacob Laskaris

It’s well documented and well known that many schools across the nation have a strong political and sometimes religious(or non-religious) bias. Students and teachers who have Judeo-Christian or Conservative Republican views are often pushed off to the side, or are criticized greatly just for having views opposite of the liberal bias that already exists in the school.

In Portland Maine, earlier this year, 16 year old student Connor Mullen was verbally bullied for wearing a cap that said “Make America Great Again” which references the popular catchphrase copyrighted by Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner, Donald Trump.

He told a Portland TV News station that he sees students wearing Bernie Sanders pins all the time, yet he wears a Trump hat and he’s told to “Keep it at home.” This is a perfect example of political bias in the schooling system. People at Mullen’s school have picked on him because of the Trump hat.

I am upset that people like Connor Mullens can’t express their political views without some sort of major criticism and in extreme cases, bullying. I’ve met a lot of Trump supporters here at North Eugene High School, and while some aren’t afraid to express their support for the real estate mogul, some won’t say anything for fear of backlash. It’s not just Trump supporters either. If you have conservative opinions in general and you are a student here, you can definitely sense the bias in the classrooms against you. I’ve dealt with this first hand. I was in a classroom full of liberals, and I would never get involved in the conversations they had, because I knew that they would never take what I said seriously. This is a problem here, whether people like it or not. There is a huge left wing bias here at North.

To the conservative students who read this editorial, do not be afraid to express your political views. There will be people who attack you verbally and people may treat you like Connor Mullens, but do not back down. Believe it or not, there are definitely conservative students here, people like me, who aren’t afraid to let my opinions known. There is a liberal bias here at North Eugene High School, but don’t let that stop you. I am frustrated that conservatives are essentially marginalized, but push through and express your conservatism!