By Kalie Savill

While mars may look dry and dead today, it seems to have been much more Earth-like in the past, featuring a thick atmosphere and large bodies of standing water. Mars might have been a wilder water world than we thought. Scientists have discovered two massive tsunamis that could have occurred a long time ago in the northern hemisphere. The typical wave height as it hit the shore would have likely been 5 meters but, at various locations they could have been anywhere from 10 to 120 meters. The wave that hit Japan was estimated 39 meters so these waves on Mars are much taller.

Scientists say the cause for these tsunamis were most likely from asteroids or comet strikes into an ocean of water that could have triggered the giant waves. The tsunamis could only have occurred more than three billion years ago when the plant was much warmer and wetter. North Eugene student TJ Cantamessa said “The fact that there is water on mars is very interesting and it shows that there could be life on the planet.”