By Jacob Laskaris

Well it’s official. Hillary Rodham Clinton has become the presumptive Democrat nominee. This was not a surprise, this was virtually a sure thing. She was virtually guaranteed the nomination, regardless of what critics wanted to believe. She first ran for the nomination back in 2008, but lost out to Illinois Senator and current President, Barack Obama. For the last eight years, she has been preparing for this moment. She has been gearing up for this election, with absolutely no way for any surprise candidate to stop her on her way to the Democratic National Convention. Well, for a while, that surprise candidate did slow her down.

Bernard Sanders, otherwise known as Bernie Sanders, announced his candidacy for the presidency on May 26th, 2015. His democratic socialist views have resonated with younger millennials who want the big banks and Wall Street to be held accountable. His appeal among teenagers with iPhones has done some damage to Clinton’s campaign. If Sanders did not have the outreach to young kids like he did, then I almost guarantee that Clinton would’ve clinched the nomination months ago.

Clinton, despite many people being against her and high unfavorable ratings, has pushed past the Sanders campaign. She has amassed the 2,383 delegates needed to be nominated this July at the Democratic National Convention. Bernie vows to stay in until the convention, but doing so will not help his case. He wants to convince the superdelegates to switch to him, but doing that would be ignoring the will of democrat voters. Also, these superdelegates are establishment politicians, which means that Bernie is trying to appeal to establishment democrats and that is something the Vermont Senator is claiming to be against.

Also, the superdelegates have made no indication that they will switch their support.

All in all, Hillary Clinton has clinched the nomination she has worked to earn for eight long years. She will face off against Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump in the November election. This election will be an election like no other. It will be fierce, the debates will not be like any presidential debate of the last 56 years. This will be a long ride, so buckle up and enjoy.