By Devin Cook

Many people don’t follow the latest news from geological news magazines and as a result they don’t even know about the “Big One.” This is a problem especially for the West Coast as it will be in the direct path of the the Big One, but this won’t just affect America and it’s coast line. It will send ripples through the market and history books. Many might be wondering what is the “Big One”? With the name, Big One, it makes the earthquake sound like a joke, but it’s much darker than that.  The real reason that it’s called the Big One is because it will be the strongest set of earthquakes ever recorded in American history and could break the world record for the largest earthquake ever.

The Big One is a result of a super fault-line that is created by the North American tectonic plate, the Eurasian tectonic plate, and the Pacific tectonic plate. Tectonic plates move on a regular basis, annually moving within a range of 0-100 millimeters. Like clockwork they shift almost every 100 years completely changing the landscape of the planet (this is seen in the rock samples that geologist take that date back 150-300 million years back showing a deterioration of the rock which is an indicator of earthquakes). We’re overdue for the next continental shift by about 50 years.

Now why is this bad for the West coast of America? Most people might know about the San Andreas fault, but most don’t know that there are multiple fault lines running up and down the West Coast making the area very unstable. Ever notice that a house is slumping to the side? That’s a clear indication of unstable grounds which is very common in the West Coast region. This means that if the past is doomed to repeat itself then we will see upwards of magnitude 8 and 9+ earthquakes which will most likely make the already unstable West Coast completely deteriorate causing a massive landslide that could take out half of every West Coast state. This kind of event would kill thousands of people in the area and strand many of them out in the ocean.

But as no one can yet predict when or where an earthquake will occur there is not a set time frame for this quake making this an extremely dangerous event in our future.