By Alex Nguyen

Summer’s on our doorstep, and one of the great time consuming activities available to us are summer jobs. Here in Eugene, Oregon there are various jobs open to the public as long as certain requirements are met. However, for the people who don’t know where they would like to work, a temporary agency can be a valuable asset to you.

To sum up what a Temp. Agency is, a TA is an organization dedicated to finding people jobs based on their already developed skills. A TA will also keep in mind whether or not a person is capable of developing new skills.

What to expect when you sign up with a TA, is of course a phone call back. Through the phone call, an appointment may be set up, and at an appointment be prepared to be tested on various skills. There is no need to feel worried about these tests for they are only to help clarify what skills you may shine at.

Some questions people may have when finding a job through a TA  are “What if I don’t like the job I am given?” or “This job doesn’t challenge me enough, so can I have a different one?” Don’t fret because the TA really loves your feedback. People may need different environments to create proficient work, so don’t believe that the first job given is permanent. The TA will help you find a more suitable field of work or even just a new location with the same type of work.

“What! This place finds a job for you?”, said North Eugene High School Student Josue Lopez. “That is so easy…..I always say I look for a job but then I forget to try.”

For those needing help with finding their next or even first job, try out your local Temporary Agency. Then for the residents of Eugene, try out Express Employment Professionals located at 945 Garfield St. or check out their website at .