By Marisa Tilson

Over the weekend of May 20, 2016,  over 1,000 students visited Shasta Lake in California leaving trash and tents scattered across the lake side. Social Media has made the photos of the lake go viral with over fifty thousand shares. The city of Eugene is appalled by the lack of respect and class that the students had. People are asking the students to return to the lake and help clean up the mess that they have made which spans over half a mile into the forest .

Students have visited Shasta in the past but it’s never been like this. There were over 90 tents and trash that clearly belong to students from the University of Oregon. Among the garbage were University of Oregon shopping bags, flip flops, alcohol, and a cooler decorated with the letters of the local chapter of national fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha that read “Do you wanna do some blow man?”

The trash was so bad that it was considered to be a biohazard and students were not welcome back to clean up their mess and the U of O is getting a bill for the clean up.

The University of Oregon is investigating the incident and trying to decide what to do about the fraternities that attended. So far all activities have been postponed until further notice. The university does not sponsors these trips and claim that they do not condone any of the behavior that students had out there. The school has advised the students before to take care of one another due to two previous deaths of students in 2005 and 2012. However the school never mentioned that they must clean up after themselves.

So far there has been over 10 cubic yards of garbage picked up, and that’s only a start. They are unsure as to whether or not they will have the lake cleaned up any time soon.

Reminder: If you plan on camping anywhere this summer, make sure you bag up your trash and take home anything that belongs to you. It is illegal to litter and to abandon property and it’s definitely not worth the fine that comes with it. Have fun and enjoy the nice weather but clean up after yourselves so other people can enjoy it as well.