By Marisa Tilson 

Every woman has experienced going to the mall and trying on clothing. You normally fit in a medium shirt but you go to try it on and it seems to be almost two sizes too small. When it comes to women’s clothing there appears to be no real logical measurement.

You could wear a small at American Eagle but an extra large at H&M.  Finding clothing that fits you can be a struggle, especially in larger sizes, it’s seems to be almost impossible. If you go into stores such as Pacsun or Forever 21 there aren’t  plus size selections in stores but if you’re lucky they’re online. This can be especially hard for young girls who have a hard time finding clothing that fits. It can cause insecurities about their bodies at a very young age.

Trying to find jeans that flatter your body type can cause insecurities as well. Womens jeans are sized in number categories such as 00, 6, 12, and so on. The jeans aren’t made depending waist and inseams like mens. Another problems with womens jeans is that they have no pockets or even worse they have fake pockets. What’s the point in that? Its an inconvenience when you can’t put your credit card or spare cash in your pockets and are expected to carry a purse with you at all times.

Most cuts, designs and materials are completely impractical for everyday wear! Shirts are sometimes see-through and require you to wear tank tops underneath, shorts costs just as much or even more than jeans, and the prices for swimsuits go through the roof.  Victoria’s Secret sells women’s bras and their average running prices are over fifty dollars. Thats a lot of money to spend on things people won’t see that often.

Another issue is cheap clothing. Companies like forever 21 sells clothing at a relatively cheap price but what do you really get when you’re buying these clothes? Companies like this don’t pay their employees enough to make these items. When they are made so cheap the material is cheap as well. They tend to fall apart when you wear it causing you to buy more clothes and throw the old ones away. These clothes end up in landfills.

It’s time clothing companies start making more realistic clothing options that fit every kind of body as well as clothing that cost reasonable prices .