By Devin Proudfit

The MLB Mock Draft is a list who the experts think will be picked in the 2016 MLB Draft which starts on June 9th. High schoolers are a big talk in the MLB Draft this year because nine high schoolers are expected to be drafted in the first 18 picks. High schoolers are always picked in the draft but usually there are never this many highly picked high school students in the draft.

When high school students get drafted usually they have all already committed to a D1 college before entering the draft. The high school students that do get drafted usually do end up going pro if they like their signing bonus and enjoy their team and coaches. The high schoolers that don’t go to the draft when they get drafted are usually picked in rounds five or later meaning they don’t get a great signing bonus. Another reason some high school students don’t want to go to the pros immediately is because they want to play more baseball and learn more before entering the pros. The last reason is simply because they don’t want to start in the minor leagues and work there way up. They want to start in at least double-A and jump from double-A to triple-A or the Pros.

One of the players in the draft this year is expected to get picked 18th overall but has already committed to Vanderbilt, which is a very solid school with great coaching and great facilities for the players. He is a very strong pitcher who is expected to be a phenom and become one of the best eventually. Last year there was a pitcher from West Linn High School who go drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the ninth round and ended up going to the minor leagues in single-A which is the lowest A. I believe if high schoolers get drafted in any round under five they shouldn’t go to the pros until they go to college for at least two years. After two years they will get drafted much higher and get a much higher signing bonus.