Olyviah Moriguchi 

In 1947 the Healthy Foods act was created to feed children healthy food. It’s 70th anniversary is coming up, we have to know why it isn’t helping anyone.

The 1947 food act is a product of the USDA, NSLP, and Sodexo. We have received  frozen foods for little to no cost from these companies not knowing what it’s made of or where it came from. How is this healthy? In the 70 years that this has been around the rate of child obesity has gone down a whopping 4%!  According to ‘Great Lives Begin with Great Ideas,’ kids who don’t eat lunch at school are healthier, and perform better academically. More recently a 2007 school nutrition dietary assessment concluded that a vast majority of schools in America exceeded the USDA guidelines for the quantities of saturated fat, total fat, and sodium in the school lunches proving that the school lunches aren’t as healthy as they should be. Out of the eight people interviewed that eat lunch at school all agreed that depending on the food it kinda looks healthy, but when I asked how healthy they thought it was on a scale of 1- 10 none went above 5. Some people know that The USDA provides us with food, but most don’t know that the beef and poultry that they send us is held to a lower standard than most fast food chains like McDonald’s.

“Why are we treated like this?” said 10th grade student Mikayla Dunkin.

Why are students given foods that are so unhealthy and told that they are good for us?

In 2008 there was a study, the children who ate school food were at an increased risk for being overweight. The study also found that the students performed worse on a standardized literacy assessment independent of socioeconomic factor. The food we’re being fed is not helping us in school, so it makes us wonder what are they really feeding us? How much of the school food or what food comes fresh not in a can or frozen? According to New York Times article about 6/36 lunches are home cooked a month. The rest comes from a can or a frozen items in a box that are re-heated.  Is the Healthy Food Program actually working or do they need to re do what they’ve done?