By Devin Proudfit 

On June 5th 2016, The Golden State Warriors took on the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA finals. After Golden State took Game 1 from Cleveland on June 2nd the Cleveland Cavaliers told the media they needed to run with Golden State instead of playing slow. When told the 2 guard for Golden State, Klay Thompson, that Cleveland wanted to run fast with them his eyes lit up with surprise and joy. Klay said “That game plan should play perfectly in our hands.” Klay also said with confidence that Golden State is the fastest team in the NBA so it would be perfect for the Cavaliers to try and run with them.

Before the game got going on June 5th the Cavaliers were still going to try and stick to their fast pace plan to run with Golden State. As the first quarter came to a close the Cavaliers plan seemed to be working. When the first quarter ended Cleveland was up 21-19 and the Cavaliers were able to score but also kept the dominating Golden State Warriors from scoring. Golden State decided to stick to their run fast and run right past the Cavaliers which is what they did the last three quarters of the game.

As halftime came to a close the Warriors were up 52-44 which meant they outscored the Cavaliers by 10 in the second quarter. The Cavaliers plan was starting to dwindle away from them as Golden State was playing faster than ever. The third quarter quickly came to a close for the Cavaliers as Golden State took a demanding lead at 82-62. The Warriors knew they were the fastest team and that they could run right past the Cavaliers as they did. The final score of the game was 110-77 and the Golden State Warriors are looking like they will win back to back championships against the Cavaliers.

The Warriors are now playing the best they could possibly play as they are the best team in the NBA and they are proving it while they play the Cavaliers in the finals. The Cavaliers don’t have an answer for the fast pace offense of the Warriors and won’t be able to win the series against the tough defense the Warriors play.