By Jacob Laskaris

For most of his adult life, Donald John Trump has said and done controversial things, whether it be during an interview or during one of his campaign speeches. This is who Donald Trump is, a controversial man and his fans and supporters love that about him! However, a few people of my generation have a less than favorable view of the real estate mogul and billionaire turned Republican frontrunner. Some people call him sexist, some say he’s racist, some say he’s homophobic. I have recently found out that some teachers and students are uncomfortable with Trump t-shirts being worn around North Eugene High School.

Let me start off by saying that I support Donald Trump for President. Cruz used to be my guy but he’s out and I’m not gonna beat a dead horse. I like Trump because of his policy positions. I know what you’re thinking, “What are you talking about? Trump hasn’t said anything about his policy positions!” That’s simply not true, my friends. If you go on his campaign website,

Trump discusses his policy positions pretty well. He talks about Tax Reform, Healthcare Reform, Trade, Second Amendment, and Veterans. I read what he had on his website and I absolutely agree with it. He’s also against political correctness, but I need to get back to the topic at hand.

Donald Trump has created a buzz at my school, since it appears that some students and even some teachers are upset and possibly offended by Donald Trump shirts being worn by teenage supporters of the Donald. I went around the school to ask people of their opinions.

Mr. Mike Kaiser, a math teacher at North, when asked about his opinion on the subject at hand, said, “Kids should be able to support their candidate, and wear clothing and gear supporting them.” I myself have seen some people wear Bernie Sanders shirts, and Feel the Bern gear as well. Yet no one seems bothered by that! Double standards maybe? Who knows?

Most of the people I talked to were OK with students wearing Trump shirts. “I personally don’t care.” Spencer Wilson, a student from North said. “Allow them to wear them if they want to. People get offended over everything!” Tristin Crum, another student, said to me, “ Freedom of speech. If you want to wear a Trump shirt, then so be it!”  “Everyone is allowed to have their opinion on something. Don’t expect everyone to think the same.” Cedar Schaffer told me when I asked her about her opinion on people being upset by Trump shirts.

While a majority of the people I talked to agreed that Trump shirts are free speech and should not upset anyone, not everyone thought that way. Ian Rondeau, the botany teacher here at North had a very negative view of the whole thing. “Regardless of your stance on political issues, I find it wholeheartedly disturbing that there is so much support for a racist, sexist, classist, bigot.” He was more against the character of Donald Trump than the shirts themselves, although I can imagine that he is probably against the shirts as well.

Donald Trump will always be a controversial figure, whether he gets elected president or not. He will say raunchy things, there’s no doubt about it and he has said raunchy things. However, Trump is practicing free speech much like the students and teachers I interviewed agreed were the reasoning for letting students wear Trump shirts. Spencer Wilson was right, people do get offended over almost anything now. As a Trump supporter, I know first-hand that a lot of the students here hate Trump. The ones who do like Trump won’t say much for fear of backlash or criticism. Personally, I say that if you want to wear a Donald Trump for President shirt, then by all means do it! If someone is upset, then that right there means that they are probably a politically correct person looking for their safe space. We do have free speech, if you want to wear a Trump shirt, wear a Trump shirt. If you want to wear a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders shirt, then wear a Clinton or Sanders shirt. We do have a first amendment, exercise it!