Alison Counts

Budweiser is getting a new name this summer. And you’re bound to have heard it before.

May 23 the company will be rebranding and producing their beer with the new name, ‘America’. The previously American, now Belgium owned beer company has proven itself patriotic before; depicting images of the statue of liberty, and American flags. But for this election summer, the company will be taking a bigger step, in hopes for a bigger profit.

Along with the name change, other patriotic phrases from the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Star Spangled Banner, will be featured on the 12-oz can.

But this star spangled can, cannot last. The beer will revert to its original name after the November election; when all the patriotism has faded.

But the real argument is the ethical nature of copyrighting a country name. Will we soon be priced just for singing our national anthem?

While a majority of people are supporting this idea, considering it ‘patriotic’, you do have to think of the consequences. How precious will our name be considered when its used to sell beer?