By TJ Cantamessa

In the past you have been able to carry just about any gun in California, but now there are laws that some say infringes your second amendment. There are seven new gun laws being passed through the state senate, they are, SB-1407 Firearms: identifying information. Introduced by Sen. Kevin de Leon, this bill would require people who make homemade guns to get a background check and apply for a serial number. SB-880 Firearms: assault weapons. Introduced by senators Isadore Hall and Steve Glazer, this bill would expand the definition of “assault weapon” to include semi-automatic, centerfire rifles with easily detachable magazines. SB-894 Firearms: lost or stolen: reports. Introduced by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, this bill would require gun owners to report the theft or loss of a firearm to a local law enforcement agency within five days. SB-1235 Ammunition. Introduced by Sen. Kevin de Leon, this bill attempts to get around a court order barring enforcement of a 2009 law requiring stores to keep records on purchases of handgun ammunition by updating the definition of “ammunition.” SB-1446 Firearms: magazine capacity. Introduced by Sen. Loni Hancock, this bill would make it an infraction for a person to possess a large-capacity magazine, defined under existing law as an ammunition-feeding device that holds more than 10 rounds. SB-1006 Firearm: Violence Research Center. Introduced by Sen. Lois Wolk, this bill would request that the University of California establish a center for the research of firearm-related violence. SB-1037 Firearms. Introduced by Sen. Ben Allen, this bill would postpone the start of the statute of limitations for certain crimes involving the transfer of firearms.
I talked to one man in the community. Roland Guerrero said “ If my gun rights were infringed upon I would be outraged, that is an American right, that is the second amendment, how are we supposed to protect ourselves?” I then talked to a woman named Kim Wriggle who said that she supported the law 100%, she said “I believe that if this law had been in place at the time of the shooting in San Bernardino it wouldn’t of happened.”