By Olyviah Moriguchi 

People need medication it’s a fact. But how do people get that necessary medicine? Animals. People test on animals for the medication and beauty products we use. The animals that they test can have allergic reactions, and mutations and can even die. Why aren’t the companies or people stopping this harm that we are causing to these animals. When does it automatically become okay to test on them? Is it just because they are animals? Well it’s not, at all. PETA has started multiple organizations like The Pledge to be Cruelty Free, and Beauty without Bunnies, to stop the awful and painful procedures that humans perform on animals.

I believe that our medication is needed and is important, I do, but we also need to focus and pay attention to the care of these animals. If they are suffering and in constant pain and there is nothing people can do to help them put them out of their misery and whatever chemical was used that caused the constant pain the animal won’t be used anymore. We shouldn’t be using chemicals or items that can cause animals or humans pain, sickness, or death. We need to use natural ingredients because they are just as useful and work just as good maybe even better. Natural ingredients also can’t harm people and animals as much as chemicals can.

Animals can’t give consent. They don’t agree to be tested on, they were forced to be in this situation and were forced to be treated this way. They don’t want to be test subjects especially if they aren’t treated like living things. They are forced against their will and harmed. Why can’t we test these products on humans? If it is too dangerous for humans to test then they are too dangerous to use them. If a human were given the option to test a shampoo or medication or lipstick and were paid and given feedback, then I believe that person would. People are the ones who will use them so why don’t we test them? People who test on animals don’t realize that the animals have feelings, they can feel pain, they can be sick. They can’t say stop or ask for help. So we need to help them and give them the care they need. I believe that if a person had the opportunity to test some new item that will be on the market then they would. Animals can’t give feedback so why are we testing them, they can’t help us so testing on them needs to be stopped permanently. There are many ways you can help. Look up the items that test on animals and stop using them. Use natural medication and buy a less popular makeup brand. Peta has a list of products that aren’t tested on animals that work just as well.