Devin Proudfit

In the middle of May 2016 an independent report was done to test the Olympic athletes from the Beijing Olympics in 2008 for self enhancing substances. At the time no self enhancing substances were found but this time there was substances that were found. This time when the urine tests were tested they found self enhancing substances in 31 different athletes from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

These 31 athletes were from 12 different countries but 14 of them were Russian. An International Association of Athletics Federations taskforce has already been set up to decide whether Russia’s athletes will be allowed to compete in Brazil following revelations of state sponsored doping in the country. A decision will be made on June 17th. If confirmed, the latest spate of positive tests would mean Russia’s current suspension from international athletic competitions would be unlikely to be lifted before the Olympic games in Rio.

The athletes who’s tests came back positive will not be named until their “B” tests are tested and come back positive. Last week The New York Times reported that the US Department of Justice had opened an investigation into the Russian doping scandal. Officials in Russia have said that the country is undergoing reform of its anti-doping system and that its athletes should be allowed to compete at Rio in 2016.