By Jacob Laskaris

No Republican, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, can win a blue state. I mean, there is no way that anybody in today’s GOP could win states like Oregon and Pennsylvania in  general election nowadays. Well now we have a Republican who can probably pull it off. His name? Donald J. Trump.

Stay with me here. You all wondering, “How could Trump win Oregon? It’s a true blue liberal state!” That’s a fair question, and here’s my fair answer: Reagan Democrats.

Reagan Democrats which are white working class democrats who deflected their party to vote for Republican presidential candidate, Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984. Most Reagan Democrats tend to be fiscally conservative and have a conservative view on national defense. All in all, these type of democrats are often more moderate or conservative on most issues than their liberal counterparts. These are the type of voters that Donald Trump is striving to pull into his corner.

Let’s take a blue state like Oregon. Oregon has voted for a democrat since 1988 with absolutely no chance of a Republican winning here. Well in 2016, that might change. In a recent poll conducted a couple days ago, Trump beats Clinton in the state of Oregon, 44%-42%. He had a 27% lead among Independents, a 13% lead among men and 9% deficit among women voters. That surprised me when I saw this new poll, which proved to me that if Trump could win a liberal state like Oregon, he could very well win states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire and maybe, just maybe Minnesota.

In Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire recent polling has Trump neck and neck with Clinton. That shouldn’t be happening. Clinton should be polling by double digits in these states, yet Trump, a Republican is on the verge of out-polling her in these states! You want to know why that is? Blue collar Reagan democrats. If this keeps up, this is how the race might look come November:

The hard working blue collar Reagan Democrats, who can’t stand the likes of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernard Sanders and want a non-establishment and a tell it like candidate for President. If this style of support from Reagan Democrats continue for Trump, we may very well see a Republican victory in Oregon and Pennsylvania come November 8th.