By Elijah Price

In game one of the NBA Western Conference Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Golden State Warriors 108­-102. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and OKC made an amazing comeback from a 14 point deficit in the fourth quarter with Westbrook leading the team in points with 27 and Durant close behind with 26 points. “We just stayed with it on the defensive end and when we got the shots late in the game we were able to focus in and knock them down,” Durant said. “We’re just a resilient group and keep fighting `til the end.” With a surprising win the Thunder now lead; during the regular season The Thunder and Warriors had played three times and in all three games the Thunder lost, two by single digits and one by double, so all games were fairly close. “Well I wasn’t surprise because OKC is coming in hot and the Warriors haven’t been doing too good lately” says Brett Snyder. Throughout the game the Warriors had been leading until the fourth where Dion Waters layup put the team ahead 90­88 with 10:30 left in the final quarter. Steve Kerr, the head coach for the Warriors, begged for a traveling call during the fourth but with no success. Throughout the rest of the game the Thunder lead the game. The Warriors lost at home, and now want to prove that they can win and wish to get the bad taste of a loss out of their mouth. Game two is Wednesday night at the Oracle Arena.