Abel Enciso-Gonzalez

Is your hundred dollar shirt really worth that much? According to some North Eugene students it is. Quality is key to some, but what is the difference between low quality and high quality clothing? Well if you’re paying more money for your clothing, you are most likely getting your clothing “European made” and if you’re not your clothing is most likely coming from Bangladesh. The clothing from there isn’t “clean,” by that I mean the clothing is made by 10-14 year old kids.

Clothing industries who charge less are usually selling you lower quality clothes that can be ruined quickly. Those companies might also be the ones paying their workers up to $2.00 a day. Those workers are working hard with no break and up to 16 hours a day, 6-7 days a week that have them literally working to death.  So if you don’t want to support child labor and want to end the horrible situation that these impoverished children are in, then you do your part to help stop it. Call your State Congressmen, or your Senators and tell them to take action!

When I asked student Jacob Laskaris if clothing brand mattered to him and he said, “It doesn’t have an impact on me because clothes are clothes.” There are people like Jacob who don’t care about fashion, or the hottest shirt that came out, but people like Benjamin South that say clothes matter. I asked Benjamin South the same question as Jacob Laskaris and he said “ Yes, I do not like to buy fake stuff.” To people like Johnny Mcdonald who are neutral in the situation  said “Yes somewhat, because I like the way it looks.”

What I’m getting from that is that it doesn’t matter as long as the clothes looks good . It would appear that child labor doesn’t cross the minds of the people who wear the clothes. Child labor is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by our government. Children in third world countries are literally working to death, and nobody bats an eye. So if you’re not in support of child labor, do your part and look into companies that don’t use children as robots to do cheap labor.