By Elvis Cruz-Lopez

Some U.S. citizens today have very negative things to say about immigrants in the U.S. today. So if there are negative things to say about immigrants to the extent to call their existence here a literal crime let us discuss the differences between U.S. citizens and immigrants. So what separates an immigrant from citizen? In short nothing much. They both have their own culture, they are citizens in their respective countries, they have their families and friends, they both have some sort of education and may or may not follow a religion. These thing are differences as much as they are similarities, but what some people can’t stop talking about are the criminals and rapists, tax leaching and job stealing illegal aliens.

If anything at all the people that think these things are complete hypocrite, especially if they are caucasian. Now let me explain. In 1606 the British pushed to colonize America. Immigrants came from Great Britain to colonize an already inhabited land. Without this happening there wouldn’t be a U.S. and there possibly wouldn’t be the slaughtering of Native Americans. And then in the 1820s the Irish immigrated to the U.S. because of the Potato famine. By the 1840s the Irish accounted for half of the U.S. immigrants. They came here as immigrants seeking refuge from such a tragedy. Who knew a generation later immigrants would be so frowned upon by people whose ancestors suffered such a tragedy.

Also from 1846 to 1848 the U.S. and Mexico went to war ending in Mexico losing what is now known as California, Nevada, Utah, part of Wyoming, part of Colorado, almost half of New Mexico, and Texas. The U.S. was made by immigrants to get away from a horrible government who had the audacity to tax them over seas after not letting them vote at all. Yet now some U.S.  (and no not American citizens because if we were talking about American citizens we would be talking about everyone born in South America, Central America, and North America) citizens have the audacity to say no immigrants allowed. True ignorant hypocrites are the people who think that immigrants don’t deserve to set foot in the U.S.