Haylee Miles

Underage drinking has been a major problem. Most of the time the underage drinkers don’t know how to limit themselves or drink responsibly. Lots of the time they get pressured by friends or get talked into doing it. When the minor is impaired they have a hard time making responsible decisions especially when it comes to getting behind the wheel. Everyday in America another 27 people die because of drunk driving. Not just the person driving is endangered but that person is endangering everyone else who is on the road.

Back in 2015 there was a major accident involving a drunk driver hitting a family of four. One infant, one five year old, and their parents were in the other car. As the drunk driver collided with the family’s car the impact instantly killed the two kids. The mother and father had serious injuries. The next day the mother died in the hospital of internal bleeding. The only survivor of the family was the father. The drunk driver didn’t suffer any major injuries due to the fact that the alcohol relaxed their body. Imagine trying to live with yourself after killing innocent lives.

Roughly 40% of teens who reach grade ten have tried some form of alcohol. By the age of 18 that percent shoots to 70%. Why is it that there is so much under aged drinking happening? The answer is that the minors are getting the alcohol from not locked up cabinets in the home. Many of the adults don’t lock away the alcohol making it easier for the teens to get to it. The other main way the teens get it is from older friends who are the legal age of 21. There is a hard time managing where that alcohol is going. The solution to that is helping those older people understand how much trouble they could get in if they were caught. Also let them know it is their responsibility what happens to those under age drinkers.

If the teens decide to drink they need to understand how easy it is to find a designated driver. It’s not worth putting their lives and other lives in danger.