By Olyviah Moriguchi

It’s just a prank. I mean  social experiment

We all know pranks, we may have pulled one on someone or we have had them pulled on us. There are videos of pranks online so they are everywhere, but when is it too far?

A pretty famous YouTuber by the name of Sam Pepper is known for is prank/ social experiment videos, there has been a lot of controversy about Sam pepper as a person, one of his “pranks’’ that has gotten him the most hate is where he went throughout the town touching girls butts. He had said it was a social experiment where he was “bringing light to sexual abuse against men” “ a subject that he feels is not related with the same seriousness that it is with women in our society.’’  Not only does he have videos on his account where he pressures women to kiss him in public but he also handcuffs himself to women as a method of getting a girlfriend. He is using the women as “props” to make an argument that men are the ones that really have it rough.  If these videos really were saved then he second video the one that is supposed to bring to light how men are victimized to harassment then it isn’t real all of the reactions were scripted, so it isn’t an experiment. It’s propaganda with a slight message at that. Sam Pepper is guilty of bad judgement. Instead of talking about how sexual harassment is an issue that affects everyone, and it really does. He decided to make it an issue that women being taken more seriously than man. Rather than the real issue that is sexual harassment isn’t taken seriously enough by men and women about men and women. We need to be working together to make a better world not smugly toying with people for fun or profit.  Sending a message that is overtly sexist and then not only dismissing an apology and saying that it was for our own good. Making a video about preventing sexual assault by doing it and laughing about it doesn’t seem like the best way to spread awareness. He has now been banned from “Vidcon” for these videos.  Now I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion this one is mine.

Not only did he do those videos. The Youtuber had also made a video where they ‘killed’ a friend in front of another, this caused an uproar in the twitter community causing people to say things like “ Why is Sam Pepper still on Youtube? Why does he think that pretending to murder someone, specifically your best friend a prank?” The Youtuber had then said that “It wasn’t a prank, but a social experiment to show you not to take people close to you for granted because they can be gone at any time.” As you can guess people weren’t happy about this either, they had said things like “ doing something awful, then putting it on the internet for people to watch isn’t a social experiment.’’ and “Just because you say that it is a social experiment doesn’t actually make it one.”  Is it really that bad that he did an act like that? Does it even make him a criminal? I believe that him doing that murder prank was just him trying to be funny. The only person who wasn’t in on it was a viner named Cody, and he said after it was over that it was okay and he forgave the other two for pranking him like that. They’ve been forgiven but, I still believe that that act wasn’t really appropriate for Youtube or really needed to be taken to that extreme level. Sam was given a lot of hate for it being a ‘prank’ so was making it a ‘social experiment’ any better or should he come up with a new ‘pranking style’?  I think he needs to come up with a completely new video style because he has upset millions of people and now rumor has it that the infamous hacking group Anonymous has said that he needs to stop before they turn against him and attack. If the group who hacked ISIS is threatening a youtuber is a definite sign that they need to stop.

If someone who wasn’t famous on the internet and did something like that and said oh it’s just a social experiment, they would be fined or even arrested for what it is: Sexual Assault. Do famous people have a less likely chance to be fined or sent to jail based on their popularity? I agree that some famous people get away or let off easy for some things because they are famous just like police. We are all human and people, we all need to be treated fairly, and people who do crimes they need to be punished especially if they put it on the internet saying that it is a prank.