By Kalie Savill

Here at North Eugene, we have a social justice class that you can take and Eric Suchman is the teacher of this class. You can choose if you want to take it the class or not because it is an elective. This class focuses on Social Justice issues and we talk about them as a class. It’s a very interesting class to be in because you can hear what other people think on certain issues. An issue recently came up in class and it was the Therapist Bill in Tennessee.

On April 27th, 2016 the governor of Tennessee signed the “Therapist Bill”. This bill allows therapists and counselors to reject gay, lesbian, transgender and other clients. Due to therapists’ and counselors’ religious views on people in the LGBTQ community they are allowed to refuse service to them. People think it’s important to protect the religious beliefs and moral convictions of counselors and therapists. There have been about 100 bills in legislatures across the United States in 2016 that invoke religion as justification to refuse service to gay people.

This bill makes me mad because I believe you shouldn’t mix your religion with your work. In public schools, we are not supposed to talk about religion. As a therapist, you are supposed to put all of your personal issues aside and focus on the patient. If I was a part of the LGBTQ community and I had mental health issues and needed a therapist to help me out and they rejected me because of my sexuality, I would be very disappointed.