By Devin Proudfit

Mike Trout is one of the best if not the best outfielder in the game of baseball today. He shows off his incredible range in center field and shows off his amazing bat at the plate. This season the Los Angeles Angels are struggling and not delivering the wins they need to get to the postseason. What happens to the Angels if Mike Trout is traded? Who will he be traded too? These questions have been asked regarding Mike Trout and his status as the Angels center fielder.

The Chicago Cubs are the best team in baseball today and are in the midst of the Mike Trout trade and the one team that can give up a lot to get Mike Trout. Any team should want Mike Trout but the fact that he is worth so much makes it hard for teams to get him, but that struggle isn’t a problem for the Cubs. Nobody knows what the Cubs will give up for Trout but it could be draft picks for the next few years coming. The Cubs are young enough where they can lose a few draft picks to get a great player and be a great ball club for the years coming.

Honestly being an Angels fan I think having Mike Trout on the team is helping tremendously but getting more draft picks could help the Angels in the future. Having a young team without Mike Trout could help the Angels in the next five years because they could have gotten great players in a few positions and good players in the rest, that could possibly make the Angels a dominant ball club again.