By Marisa Tilson

A recent law in North Carolina has passed that regulates the use of public restrooms. The law passed in late March and was signed by Governor Pat McCrory stating that you must use a restroom that matches the gender printed on your birth certificate.

The decision to create the law was for the right to religious liberty as well as the safety concern of young women using a public restroom with a grown man pretending to be transgender. This has sparked controversy because many believe it goes against the LGBTQ community and their human rights. There have been protests and riots stating that the new law is wrong and should be overturned. Many famous singers and actors such as Rob Reiner and Nick Jonas have spoken out, some even canceled concerts and movie productions in North Carolina due to the new bathroom laws.

“What would people think using a restroom with a woman who is transgender and has undergone gender reconstructive surgery and is physically a man? It’s not a smart decision and is going to hurt a lot of people. We’ve been using bathrooms with individuals who are transgender all our lives and it never hurt anyone. Grown men are going to find many ways to creep on girls, but this isn’t one of them.”

Another reason people have an issue with the recent law change is that it’s hard to have control over.  How do we check every person going into a public restrooms gender on their birth certificate? Paying for equipment or people to stand outside of bathrooms to check this could end up costing way more than its worth and the state could lose millions. What is the punishment for going into a restroom that isn’t on any paperwork?  Do we arrest them and put them in jail?

Due to the criticisms made there has been talk of recent changes to the law that allow you to not only use the gender on your birth certificate but the one on your licenses as well. It’s a lot easier to change your gender on your license then your birth certificate. The state hopes that the changes could end the riots and anger many have but others say it far too late and the fact that the law was even created is a problem in itself.