By Marisa Tilson

Recently with the Obamacare plan, your employer’s corporation has a say in the benefits you can receive. One of those benefits is the use of birth control as well as the day-after pill. If your employer is religious and disapproves of the use of contraception, they have the legal right to inform you that you may not receive birth control in all forms. This plan affects women all over the country and is currently a heavily talked about topic.

In my personal opinion, I believe a woman should be able to make her own choice as to whether or not she wants to be on birth control and what kind she uses.  Birth control has many other benefits besides preventing pregnancy. It can help regulate your periods, as well as lighten bleeding. Some forms of birth control like the pill or an IUD (surgical implant) can help with migraines and cramping caused by your period which affects most women. Its also been proven that women who use birth control pills have been found to have fewer cases of anemia, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer.

Many companies such as Hobby Lobby allow their employees the right to use birth control. However, they deny their employees of other contraceptives such as Plan B. Plan B is a pill that you take within 72 hours after unprotected sex if your birth control fails. Many religious groups believe the day after pill is a form of self-induced abortion and should not be taken by women.  The issue with this is that most physicians do not consider a woman pregnant after 72 hours, it generally takes until your next missed period for you to realize that you are.

Contraception is not the same for everyone. Some women can not take birth control pills or wear the patch. Some women do not benefit from an IUD, and for others condoms are not a viable option.

The fact that these corporations think that it’s their business to interfere in the decision-making process of women and their physicians is not okay. My employer should be more concerned with my basic health and whether or not I am able to perform my job properly rather than if I’m using birth control and what kind it is. Not everybody follows the same religion as their employer, so why should they get a say as to what I can do with my body?