By Elvis Cruz-Lopez

What is it that makes the U.S. great? The people? How about freedom or education? Is it the military or the business? What makes America great? The profits of war on….. Terrorism, Drugs, etc.. How about the prisons? The outsourcing of jobs or child labour? How much does it cost to buy a politician or the future of America’s citizens? The one thing that the U.S. is great for besides it’s military is the one percent. Better yet it’s not exactly the one percent, but it’s actually the one percent of the one percent of all the United States citizens that holds more wealth than they know what to do with except transferring it to an offshore account and buy their way to more wealth. They also buy protection in case some of their investments go wrong. Being awarded for losing money to the point of bankruptcy by being given even more than they lost? It pays to be rich.

What about jobs? Americans don’t need those right? Especially teens paying to go to a university or college. Or is it that outsourcing jobs to inexperienced child labourers is cheaper than opening jobs to the people in the U.S., effectively lowering the unemployment rate and dependency on food stamps. Also lowering the college student debt in loans. Instead of investing on Earth- friendly power sources like solar panels, wind turbines, dams, etc, they invest on harmful fossil fuels like oil and carbon. It costs a lot more money investing in these Earth- friendly power sources instead of cheap fossil fuels, but the overall investment in the long run would benefit everyone. Lowering pollution in big cities lowering the death rate due to unbreathable air somewhat lowering the costs of health care. How can they call themselves citizens of the U.S. if they won’t contribute to the nation they live in. Even citizens that come from various countries pay their share of taxes to live in the U.S., and saying that they don’t pay for taxes is like saying that they don’t eat, they don’t have a job, or live in a residence.

I’m not saying we should turn to communism and take away what the American dream has provided to the people who have pursued it, but the American dream is dead (and no I’m not talking about WWE’s Dusty Rhodes). This isn’t even a democracy considering it’s the delegates and super delegates that vote for our president and politicians can be bought through their campaign funds which is totally legal. Our military veterans that are homeless get neglected by our government. Left in the streets to fall victim to their PTSD and do things they and their family members and friends would deeply regret. Maybe our taxes and the unpaid taxes of the wealthy should go to finding these veterans a home and a career or at least a decent and stable job. Instead our taxes go towards bailing out the bankrupt rich and feed money to the military because of paranoia.