By Haven Cornelius 

Since North Korea’s Nuclear test of a so called “Hydrogen Bomb”, they have begun to fire missiles both satellite missiles and nuclear missiles of all kinds. All people that were interviewed about this said that it was definitely unsettling.

But why is this? Most people would say that it unsettling that an enemy of the United States would even consider to fire a nuclear missile at this country. Collectively the American mind is unsettled about this.

But there are some who consider that there is no worry for such dangers, “I’m not too worried about Kim Jong Un firing a nuclear missiles. I’m more worried about a terrorist detonating a nuke in the United States than North Korea,” Said Aaron Schermerhorn.
The United States has been trying to make sure that a thermonuclear war will not happen and partnered along with North Korea’s strongest ally China, the United States and the rest of the U.N. to put a stop to North Korea’s power hunger drive.