By Alex Nguyen 

Where to begin, on a movie that’s jumbled itself. Just like it’s superhero counterpart Marvel, the DC Universe has started their movie plots to create a Justice League movie. First starting with the Man of Steel and now Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The way Batman Vs. Superman hinted at the upcoming Justice League heroes seemed legitimate, locating top secret files on strange superhuman specimens. However, the Batman Vs Superman movie as a whole was a wreck.

BVS’s first hour of the movie was just a complete plot toybox. Glimpses of different jumbled events intertwined together with scenes that seemed to not even last over 90 seconds. After that is the plan of Lex Luthor trying to get Batman to fight Superman, all while he utilizes kryptonic technology for his own ideas.  That is basically the whole movie. Nothing more and nothing less except the teasers for the Justice League movie.

Next, is the title of BVS itself. The title implies that there will be a full on fight between Batman vs Superman. With my previous experiences of fighting games that consist with a Vs idea, I was expecting a fight to the near death. Although there was a fight, it ended abruptly with the name of a woman. I don’t want to spoil too much but the fight ends and like all superhero movies. The bad guy loses.

All in all Batman Vs Superman, in my opinion, was a completely rushed production and I recommend not seeing it in theatres. The Blu-ray/ DVD portion of this movie is scheduled to release around July 2016 but I would wait for it to just come out on redbox to decide if this movie is worth its own physical copy.