By Alison Counts

Andrew Jackson Jihad. Has a nice ring to it, right? You should hear their real music.

Until february this year, the band AJJ, has been known as Andrew Jackson Jihad. The band’s followers have taken this change in a stride, taking the freedom given to them by the band to give AJJ any name they wish. As quoted on their website, “It also retains- even amplifies the quality that I liked about the name Andrew Jackson Jihad; that it can be interpreted in different ways. Now that we are AJJ we can be “Arizona Juvenile Justice”, “Anonymous Junk Jugglers,” “Actress January Jones”. The possibilities are endless and we’re very excited to see what you all come up with.”

Apple Jam Jubilee; Amazing Jamba Juice; Astounding Jungle Jym (one of the less popular names, admitablly). Whatever the name, the punk folk band that has created a sound all their own.

Founded by Sean Bonnette in 2004, in Phoenix, Arizona, has been noted for their lyricism, which often covers themes of social anxiety, poverty, humanity, religion, existentialism, and politics. Their music often strikes a chord with young adults going through life changes and, in other words, horrible depression. Songs like ‘Brave as a Noun’, while retaining their originality in their sadness, speaks of how uplifting their music can be. With a new album on the way, and gaining popularity, the band has a bright future ahead of them.