By Devin Proudfit 

On May 15th, 2016 Jose Bautista who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays was running to second base when he slid into second base trying to take out Rougned Odor the second baseman for the Texas Rangers. Rougned Odor then turned around to the standing Jose Bautista and pushed him and then went on to punch him in the jaw underneath his helmet knocking off his Oakley’s and his helmet. This caused a bench clearing brawl between the players and included a few coaches. Fists were flying between both teams while Jose Bautista was being held by Adrian Beltre a player for the Texas Rangers. Jose Bautista and Adrian Beltre are long time friends so once the fight started they both decided to watch it happen while Beltre held Bautista from joining the fight.\

Rougned Odor thought he got the best of Jose Bautista with his clean punch to Bautista’s jaw, but the MLB decided to suspend Odor for eight games and they fined him $5,000. Jose Bautista got suspended for one day for the fight and his comments to the media after the game. The shortstop for the Texas Rangers Elvis Andrus also got a one game suspension for his aggressive actions during the fight. The last player that got suspended was Jesse Chavez the relief pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, he received a three game suspension for intentionally hitting Prince Fielder (player for the Rangers) in the bottom of the 8th inning. There were two coaches that got suspended in the game, the first coach was the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays John Gibbons who was ejected earlier in the game and then got a three game suspension for coming back on to the field when the fight occurred. The other coach was the first base coach for the Toronto Blue Jays Tim Leiper who got suspended for one game for his actions in the fight.

This brawl was named the biggest brawl since the 2010 season. At the end of all the madness neither team came out scot free. Both teams are suffering key losses to their teams but the rangers are losing their starting second baseman for eight games which really made the Texas Rangers get the worst end of the fight.