By Devin Proudfit 

In November of 2015 in the midst of the NFL’s football season Duane Brown took a trip down to Mexico during a week off with no games. Duane Brown didn’t know that clenbuterol was filled inside the red meat located in Mexico. Mexico has had a problem with clenbuterol, which is a performance enhancing substance, being in their red meat

Duane Brown had a mandatory urine test right when he got back to make sure he had not been using performance enhancing substances. The urine test came back positive for clenbuterol which astonished Duane Brown. The test said that the clenbuterol came from red meat which he knew came from the 10 burgers and two steaks he had eaten in Mexico. Duane Brown had saved some receipts from Mexico which in the end saved him from a 10 game suspension. The receipts showed the NFL that they had contained clenbuterol and that they substance had only come because of the red meat he had consumed in Mexico.

Could this case lead to other game suspensions being dropped because of food intake causing the substance to appear on the tests? This case is an example of something the NFL tries to stop. The NFL has only been wrong in a few other cases which had dropped suspensions as well. Other cases that happen of people being either fined or suspended for performance enhancing substances could now be overturned. This case could cause the NFL to get a little more strict on their rules with self enhancing drugs because consuming certain foods from different countries could cause suspension for players. The NFL should require receipts of the food the players eat while out of country to make sure the players aren’t getting self enhancing drugs from foreign food.

So far the NFL is only sending out warnings to every player to make sure they know not to eat red meat out of foreign countries. I think by the end of this year the NFL will have rules about this case and what they might require for players leaving the country for luxurious vacations that could threaten their careers.