By Alex Nguyen

United Kingdom’s all time best selling computer, the Raspberry Pi, was introduced to the world on the 29th of February 2016. Now four years later, the Raspberry Pi 3 Module B has been released to the public for all the people interested in one of the world’s smallest computers.

The Raspberry Pi 3 has been only a slight upgrade from the Raspberry Pi 2. However it’s a pretty impressive one. Some upgrades include the quad-core going from a 900 MHz CPU to a 1.2 GHz one, the RAM upgrade from 450 MHz to 900 MHz, and the now built in WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.

Future Oregon State University student, Angel Huerta-Guzman says “I recently found out about the Raspberry Pi 2 from a friend and I did some research on it. I saw that the Raspberry Pi 3 just came out and I decided to buy it.”

“It’s a computer for $35.00!” says Angel’s friend Lupe Perales., an online magazine for most technology reviews, has rated the Raspberry Pi 3 a four out of five stating that it is an excellent product.

The Raspberry Pi 3 and other products are available for purchase through Raspberry Pi’s distributor