By Haven Cornelius 

A problem that has been giving the United States, more like the United Nations, a bad time is the Syrian Civil War. Pitting three main factions against one another, the now called Daesh (Isis) ,who would like to establish a global Islamic caliphate, the Syrian Government lead by Bashar Al-Assad, and the rebel group known as Al-Nusra front which is Al-Qaeda in Syria.

Bashar Al-Assad is a brutal dictator that before the civil war used chemical weapons on his people when they became violent after the drought in syria started. The people in syria which were farmers, had nowhere to go except for the cities. As your farms go down so does jobs in the cities and so without jobs the civilians started to riot. This does not make what Assad did forgivable, nor was it justified. Chemical weapons such as mustard gas tear gas and anything else.

As most people within the United States have learned the terrorist group Isis now known as Daesh, want to establish a worldwide caliphate. They spawned out of the syrian civil war and fight Assad, the rebels, Al-Nusra front, and any other non-sunni islamic faction. However they also prey on people that they consider not Sunni enough.

Al-Nusra front, is a spawn from the syrian freedom fighters. And unfortunately are the same as Daesh in the sense that they fight everyone as well. Some people think that they are just as bad or maybe even worse than Isis based on their rapid territorial expansion.

The quagmire that exists in the syrian war is that of the U.S. involvement in the region. The pentagon is arming a faction of rebels in syria, while the C.I.A is arming another faction of rebels. Both sides are arming someone that likes to fight each other.

The United states needs to stick to its guns if there is to be any resolution in the middle east. For one part of us to arm one side and another part of us arming another is completely contradictory. We need to stand by each other or get out of there, we have no business being there and to arm two sides of the same war is only making it worse.