By Kalie Savill 

A 42 year old man named Ricky Ma from Hong Kong built a $50,000 robot that resembles Scarlett Johansson. He has dreamed about building a humanoid since he was little after becoming obsessed with robots and animation. Ricky built the humanoid robot by relying on 3D printing technology for most of the robots body. About 70% of the robots body is made from 3D printing. It took approximately 18 months to build the robot and he is very satisfied with the outcome of it. He named his creation “Mark 1”.

In addition to being able to move her arms, legs, hands and eyes to wink at you, he also programmed the robot to respond to a variety of commands and questions including “Are you happy” “You’re so beautiful” “I love you” and “You’re so smart”. The robot, which is wearing a crop top and gray skirt, is not for him to keep himself, the product designer claims. Instead, he hopes to sell it off to an investor and use the funds to build more humanoids. The designer does not elaborate whether or not future robots will also be designed in the obvious likeness of Hollywood actresses.

It’s obvious he created a lookalike of Scarlett Johansson because she is one of the most desired women. Many people think this robot is creepy because it’s wearing revealing clothes and can respond to compliments, I wouldn’t want someone to use all of that money and take the time to make a robot that looks exactly like me. Ricky Ma wants to make money off of these robots so he used a lookalike of someone who is very beautiful and liked by others.