By Tj Cantamessa 

Personally I think that college athletes should not be paid just because they can receive scholarships that can pay for their entire time at college, which in itself should be enough to satisfy them. A full ride can pay for all four years in college.  On average, tuition can be $30,000 and up per year so they technically paid $120,000 to go through college. The students don’t really get the money to spend on what they want but they do get to go through college for little to no cost compared to students who are not on scholarships who could be  $120,000 in debt because of student loans. “The promise of a free education is not enough anymore if the NCAA wants to act as a money making business,” The Daily Roundup says.

I believe that if you put in the work in high school and get an athletic scholarship for college that should be your pay. It may not be as much as the pro’s make but they are not a pros yet and that should just push them to be better at what they do so that they can “make it big.” I also believe that if you make it to college to play a sport that is a reward in itself. They are not entitled to play sports in college so if they make it to college on a scholarship they should feel pretty good that people want them so bad that they will sacrifice their university’s money to have you play a sport for them. I think that is the reward and pay for the student athletes.