By Alison Counts

Every student at North Eugene High School knows what IB is! It stands for International Baccalaureate and it’s a required course, and… uh… that’s it? Something about a College and Career Course, I think? Uhm…

The International Baccalaureate program was originally started to prepare students for college and the workload college kids are dealt. Amongst learning how to deal with health-destroying stress, kids earn credits that they might not ever actually get transferred and used. Woohoo!

North has had a long history of making higher level courses required and it turning out just as bad as you would imagine. When AP was first applied, many students fell through the cracks in education, failing at classes they shouldn’t have been in, ruining their chances of getting into college. Teachers noticed these students, and soon the ‘high level’ classes were watered down to half of what they could have been, and now history is about to repeat itself with the new required IB courses. Many students already feel like they aren’t getting the education they need from the IB classes. Cassandra Stegner spoke out against the classes, calling them “Not challenging enough,” and saying “The coursework was only applicable in certain situations.” And other students agree with her.

With these kind of complaints coming in from students, it’s forcing parents and officials to reconsider and investigate how ‘helpful’ International Baccalaureate truly is. Some parents have voiced their annoyance with North’s insistence on ‘pigeonholing’ students into certain colleges, based on which schools do and don’t accept IB credits, and what requirements we do or don’t meet.

Whatever your feelings on the International Baccalaureate are, there are things that need to be taken into consideration with each and every school that accepts IB. Like whether on not IB will be right for OUR school.