By Haylee Miles

Being a daughter of a family owned business, my family will be greatly affected by the increase of the minimum wage. Knowing that the employees will have to be paid more means that the business will not be making as much profit. My mom hasn’t had to work in more than 15 years so she would have to find a job. The problem with it is other businesses won’t be able to afford to pay anymore employees because their profit will fall under as well. As a result of not making enough profit we won’t be able to afford paying our employees, business bills, and home bills while still keeping the family afloat. My mom and dad have moved hundreds of miles to get this business started. At first they didn’t think they could do it by themselves while raising three kids. They worked as hard as they could for 12 years and we now own five stores.

I have grown up in a stable loving family and I don’t want that to change. This increase of minimum wage will break my family. Studies have shown that if the minimum wage is increased then the unemployment rate will increase due to the fact that these small businesses won’t be able to pay for all the employees. If people are making enough money flipping burgers at Mcdonalds then our community will be very inexperienced and boring because people won’t put out the effort to be creative. The community will also not be able to develop a functioning society. After that said why would someone need to or want to go to college if they make enough money at their minimum wage job. Is it fair that someone who went to college and got a degree is making the same amount of money that someone at Mcdonald’s does? Absolutely not. Raising the minimum wage doesn’t mean you are increasing every job salary.

Most people argue that the minimum wage is not enough to live on. Let me ask you this, are you supposed to stay in a minimum wage job your entire life? No you’re not. These minimum wage jobs are supposed to be side jobs or for teens to start somewhere in the working force. Businesses like Papa Pizza state that the increase of $5.75 over the next 5 years will cripple their companies in a very abrupt way. We will be left with the main chain stores such as Walmart and Target that will control the whole industry. The problem with big main chain corporations controlling the whole industry is that the company gets excessively inflexible. These large corporations are making their products outside of the US so we don’t even get the jobs that could be provided to Americans.

The idea of inflation is a very scary thing to see. We have already seen it in own own society in the past 30 years. The dollar value has decreased over time due to it. If in 1980 I purchased an item for $20 then in 2015 that same item would cost $57.73. The rate of inflation: 188.6%. If businesses can’t afford to sell their products at the original price they’re going to have to raise their prices. And what does that mean? It means that we’re back at square one because then people will say that they can’t afford the prices in the store so then it gets raised again and it’s a never ending circle. Eventually a loaf of bread will cost $25 then $50 and keep going up over the years.

The solution to this problem would be to decrease the product value. By doing that we will be able to afford the needs to live.