By: Brycen Brackett

Zootopia was a highly anticipated animated Disney film that in two weeks has made around $142.6 million in the United States and Canada. It had the largest opening day for an animated Disney film surpassing even Frozen.

The animation was beautiful. You can see each individual hair follicle on every animal and the scenery never gets lazy or inconsistent, the amount of detail they put into this movie is astonishing.

As for the plot, I was expecting a children’s movie with a simple plot and cute animals. What I got was a complex story that addressed racial stereotypes. The movie is about a bunny named Judy Hopps that wants to be a police officer, but she is discouraged by her parents and peers because she’s a bunny. The movie uses a lot more metaphors than just that, but for the sake of avoiding spoilers, I’ll let you watch the movie for yourself.

Using the different species of animals as an allusion to the many different races of humans was an interesting perspective that simplified the concept, but still got the point across. There was also a lot of character development and even a few plot twists.

Zootopia was a phenomenal film the truly enjoyed watching and I would rewatch it. It has gotten stellar ratings from many major movie critics and it is definitely the early frontrunner for animated film of the year.