By: Jacob Williams

Playoffs are still a month away but we already have most of the teams figured out, just not what seed. So here are some of the best ­worse case ­scenarios for the top four seeds in the West:

  1. Golden State Warriors; ­ Best: The Dallas Mavericks, the Mavs would be out matched in every way possible, they just don’t have the team to match the warriors small ball and shooting. Worst: Portland Trail Blazers, the Blazers on the other hand would be able to match the small ball and even outperform the Warriors with their own version of the splash bros. Plus they are one of the few teams to beat the Warriors already this year. I think this would be the Blazers best scenario even though they’ll get a higher seed unless they fall apart down the stretch.
  2. San Antonio Spurs; ­ Best: Memphis Grizzlies, they actually are both pretty similar teams but that’s why it helps the Spurs. Worst: Houston Rockets, yes they’ve had a bad year but with Dwight Howard, a double-­double machine and with James Harden. Who no one on the spurs could guard they could be on upset alert.
  3. Oklahoma Thunder; ­ Best: Houston Rockets, it’d be a good matchup with Harden playing his old team but the Thunder just have too much fire power. Worst: Portland Trail Blazers. if there is a darkhorse in the West, it is the Blazers. After being projected to be at the bottom of the West at this point in the season Damian Lillard and C.J. Mccollum have put the team on there back with help from the bench to carry themselves into the playoff and they’re scary matchup against any team.
  4. Los Angeles Clippers; Best: ­ Dallas Mavericks, simply because they’re the worst team in the projected field. Worst: Memphis Grizzlies, they’ll most likely play the Grizz but this would really be a coin flip, especially if Blake Griffin isn’t a 100 percent healthy.