By: Jenny Eastland

Currently, there are 40 states in the United States that impose a tax on tampons and other menstrual products. This is primarily based on the concept that these products are considered luxury items. The argument supporting this is that the tax on tampons is just a general sales tax and that’s just how it works when you buy something in those specific states, but, in these states, necessities such as food and even sometimes candy are exempt from the tax.

So, how do we decide whether or not tampons and other feminine hygiene products are luxuries or necessities? Well, for one, women cannot decide whether or not they want to have a period. It is a natural thing that every female experiences in order to be able to reproduce. On top of that, free bleeding is uncomfortable, unhygienic, and socially frowned upon.

Critics of the tampon tax are questioning whether or not it is just another case of gender oppression, a sexist stab at women. This may have been the case years ago, but right now I believe that this is just an unnecessary tax on something very necessary and supporters are not taking the time to look for the flaws in it. It’s sort of an issue with the United State as a whole. We kind of just listen and obey.

Tampons are not luxury items. They are necessary for every female to live comfortably with proper care and sanitation for a week out of every month. These products are far more important than a candy bar. It is not a privilege to be able to properly care for yourself, it is a right. Support women. Abolish the tax on tampons.