By: Jacob Williams

Playoffs are still a month away but we already have most of the teams figured out, just not which seed. So here are some of the best­ worse case ­scenarios for the top four seeds in the NBA:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers; ­ Best: Detroit Pistons, a young inexperienced team will not fare well against LeBron James, but it’ll be a good lesson for future years if they can stay ahead of the Bulls for the eighth seed. Worst: Indiana Pacers, Monta Ellis has been inconsistent this year, but they have Paul George. The man who rose to fame by stopping LeBron a few years ago before breaking his leg, but he is back and better than ever but he’ll have the weight of his team on his shoulder.


  1. Toronto Raptors; ­ Best: Charlotte Hornets, the Hornets still just don’t have a major factor that can take them out of the first round. Worst: Washington Wizards, yes this is a long shot because the are really far behind in the standings, but if they could make it then it’ll be last year all over again with the Wizards being a complete mismatch for the Raptors.


  1. Boston Celtics; ­ Best: Detroit Pistons, they’d have to go on a winning streak, but it could be good or bad if they were to play each other because they are such similar teams, but like the Spurs in the West they are the better one so they should win. Worst: Atlanta Hawks, the Hawks would expose the very young core of the Celtics with their veterans and leadership, and that is how the Hawks would beat the Celtics.


  1. Miami Heat; ­ Best: Charlotte Hornets, If the playoffs started today this is who they would play, and with the possible chance of Chris Bosh coming back from injury, they have a good chance to go deep in the playoffs. Worst: Atlanta Hawks, This has been a very disappointing year for the Hawks but with a similar roster to last year (that led them to the #1 seed in the playoffs) they could be a team that gets the upset in the first round and advances.