By: Anthony Stotsenberg

Missouri republicans are about to pass a bill that allows businesses the right to discriminate against gay couples on religious grounds. The republicans and religious organizations are more in favor of this than anyone. Given their power in the state, the bill is very likely to pass.

This bill could pass and that would make it legal for businesses to retain the right to not serve LGBTQ couples. This is very prominent in the wedding industry where is bill could make it legal for businesses to deny people of services.

There have been similar stories of businesses doing this in past like the Oregon bakery that refused severing a lesbian couple, but later faced a $135,000 lawsuit for it. This new bill in Missouri would make discrimination like that legal and the business would face no consequences.

This could limit the choices for same-sex weddings. Just image if you were in a homosexual relationship getting wed in Missouri and everyone from the wedding singers to the cake makers refused to serve you just because your sexual orientation. Many feel that is very wrong including some North Eugene students. Nick Jenkins said, “I would not want to be present in area that is against me.”

Many people including democrats and members of the LGBTQ community are outraged at this very discriminating law. They are especially mad at this as they thought they had made lasting lasting progress after the supreme court ruled on their side about same sex marriage issues.

Some religious groups tend oppose the LGBTQ community and therefore they are in support of this bill.