By: Stephen Martinez

Metalheads is a social networking app that is developed by Amino Apps. It was released on March 3, 2016 and is on the app store for free. The purpose of Metalheads is to get people who are associated with the metal fan community connected with more people who are like them.

The app allows for you to meet new people, have chats and take polls on your favorite bands. You can have followers and follow upcoming artists. Metalheads also allows you to share your opinions and ideas amongst other metal fans. Metalheads can also act as a source of news for metal fans because it is constantly being updated with the latest news for many bands in all of the subgenres of metal.

If you are in a band, or are a solo artist, this app can help you get your music out into the community. There is a trending feature on the app that shows up on the front page that allows you to discover new bands by looking in the news feed. When you take a poll or contribute to the forums in within the app, it helps contribute to the developers catalog and you can also learn more about different bands you may have been unfamiliar with before. If you are a metal fan, wanting to get your band out there, or are just looking to meet more people within the metal community, this app is for you