By: Raul Estrada-Nuñez

Every year people wait for for the calendar to hit March because this is the time that the NCAA hosts its annual tournament also know as March Madness. The Tournament takes place during the month of March where the top colleges go at it to see who’s the best in the country. It got its name March Madness due to the NCAA trying to cram in 67 basketball games into one month. The tournament takes in 64 of the best colleges from the United States to play in an elimination tournament so if a team loses they are out of the tournament.

Last years NCAA tournament witnessed some of the biggest upsets in years. During, March Madness people like to fill out brackets which involves getting a blank bracket and trying to predict the outcome and the winners of the tournament. The bracket predictions have now become a tradition for people who follow the NCAA March Madness. This year, there was lot of teams gunning for the number one seed for their conference.

Many people were surprised with the number small colleges made the tournament. For example this year there are many colleges that aren’t known for their basketball programs such as the University of Oregon’s men’s basketball which has be on a tear lately with overcoming some of the biggest names in college. Oregon beat the University of Arizona at home to stop their home winning streak. They go on and hope to make it far in the tournament.

Many upsets are predicted to occur according to many sports outlets due to small schools like CSU Bakersfield, Green Bay, and University of Hampton having to prove themselves because they aren’t know for basketball and them being a small school. This year is expected to have some very close games due to many basketball programs at schools getting better and the game of college basketball being more competitive. In that case you have to be very wise and really think about teams while filling out the bracket.