By: Jacob Williams

March Madness is finally here and it’s time to fill out your bracket, here are some tips to help you with yours:

  1. Pick at least two number one seed to go to the Final Four, but never have all four, that’s just asking for failure. Your best bets are North Carolina and Oregon. With the possibility of playing Maryland and California they will have it hard.
  2. Have Michigan State in the Elite Eight, now I’m not a MSU fan by any means, but they should of been a one seed. It still worked out for them because they got put in the easiest region. Unless there’s a cinderella team from this region then they could be the third Final Four pick with the only real competition being Seton Hall which has been on a tear as of late.
  3. Pick a number one seed to lose in the round of 32 or Sweet 16, almost every year there is a huge upset early on with a one seed, this year probably won’t be any different.
  4. Find your cinderella team, Maybe four because the chance of you getting the right one is slim, but there’s always one or two of them. This year they could be: Fresno State, Arkansas Little ­Rock, Colorado State­ Bakersfield, Yale, Buffalo, Chattanooga, and Weber State. My personal favorites are Yale and Buffalo.

Now these picks should be solely your choice but I hope this helped some if you’re stuck.